NAMIC Capital Area committees.

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NAMIC Capital Area

Programming Committee

The Programming Committee’s focus is responsible for the ideation, development, and implementation of the Capital Area chapter’s programs that cater to our membership base within the media communications industry. We deliver programs that highlight  NAMIC’s  mission and vision as well as the immediate needs of minorities in media within the Washington Metropolitan area. The committee also coordinates activities with the NAMIC National office and chapter board to ensure targeted and timely delivery of initiatives.

Marketing and Communications Committee

The Marketing and Communications Committee is the driving force behind Capital Area’s visibility within the region. By creating and implementing an outreach strategy through digital and physical channels, the chapter can successfully uphold national brand and messaging standards.

Diversity Education Committee

The Diversity Education Committee’s is dedicated to providing equity-driven resources and training to our valued corporate partners. Programs such as our corporate bias and workplace diversity trainings empower organizations to create a fair and equal work environment.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee’s focus is to support existing members as well as creating opportunities to generate new members. The committee is also responsible for membership outreach to support membership retention and creatively come up with ways to introduce NAMIC to markets that may be unfamiliar with the mission, goals and resources of NAMIC.

Sponsorship/Partnership Committee

The Sponsorship & Partnership Committee’s focus is responsible for building on existing partnerships while creating new alignments with companies and or organizations that support our multi-ethnic diversity initiatives. Sponsorships help the chapter facilitate our programs and initiatives either financial or through in-kind giving of space or resources. Partnerships help the chapter create meaningful relationships with likeminded organizations that allow for increased visibility and growth.